Our Giraffes

Drive Through Pricing

Cash or NC check No Debit or Credit Cards Adult $11.00 Children (2-11) $8.00 Seniors (60+) $8.00 Feed $3.00 (64oz bucket)

Wagon Ride Pricing

SUSPENDED FOR COVID-19 Cash or NC check No Debit or Credit Cards Call for Reservations Adult $16.00 Children (2-11) $11.00 Seniors (60+) $11.00 1 bucket included for every 2 people Price includes admission

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday, 9am until 6:30, arrive by 5pm Sunday, 12 noon to 6:30, arrive by 5pm.

Giraffe Facts

Scientific Name: Giraffa cameloparadalis Range: Africa (Sub-Saharan, in open woodlands and grasslands) Height: Male: 15-17 feet / Female: 13-15 Weight: Males: 1,765-4,255 lbs. Females: 1,213-2,601 lbs. Gestation: 453-464 Days(15 months) Life Span: 26 years (28 in captivity)

Tallest Animal in the World

The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. Its long neck (having seven neck vertebra like most mammals but elongated) is used for multiple purposes. The giraffe is one of the few ruminants born with horns. The giraffe is also known for its spots. In fact, the Romans called the giraffe "Camelopardalis," meaning Camel marked like a leopard. These spots are uniques to each giraffe, much like fingerprints are uniques to each human.

Watch Your Food Bucket!

Another great feature of the giraffe is its unusually long tongue. The pink and black tongue can be 22 inches long and is used grab food from the trees and YOUR HANDS. When startled a giraffe can gallop up to 30 mph. for a moderate distance.

What others are saying

"Our family enjoyed this place! The animals were awesome. Staff and grounds are well maintained. The kids had the opportunity to engage with the animals and wnhoued feeding them. The wagon adventure was amazing! Our driver was entertaining and provided a wealth of information about animals and ranch. Great experience and will definitely be back to visit.”
“Trinity was the best wagon driver/host we have ever had on a preschool field trip. She had a passion for the animals and was very knowledgeable about each and every one. Kudos to Trinity! You made the day!”
Donna J
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